Line Maintenance & Technical Handling

At SIAEC, we understand what it takes to keep your planes flying high. Our focus is on making sure that your aircraft is safe and ready to depart.

As the leading provider in line maintenance services and the sole aircraft recovery operator at Singapore Changi Airport, we have a long history of providing line maintenance support. With over 2,000 technicians and over 800 engineers, we are able to provide engineering support, certification for just about every type of aircraft in your fleet.

When you choose SIAEC, you don’t just get the best engineering service provider in Singapore. You gain immediate access to the whole SIAEC supporting network of aircraft component services, engine OEM overhaul and repair shops. No problem is too big, no challenge too difficult when you can draw upon our wealth of experience, expertise and institutional knowledge on aircraft maintenance.

With SIAEC Line Maintenance, you get:

  • Experienced A350, A330, B787, A380, B744F, A320NEO, A320CEO, B737MAX, B737NG Engineers
  • Access to parts, tooling, component support and recovery through our SIN hub
  • Leverage on the our joint ventures and OEM networks for access to parts, technical expertise
  • Cost savings from economies of scale, higher utilisation and reliability
  • Optimized maintenance solutions to fit your requirements
  • Customized SPC Checks, aircraft washing solution, cabin cleaning solutions to maximize your on the ground time.

For details of our Line Maintenance International network station and capability, please refer to our brochure.

AOG Centre

  • Manage, coordinate, communicate during AOG situations
  • Arrange for parts, material, tooling, technical support from OEM
  • Arrange for Quick Action Team (QAT) deployment within 2 hours across the globe, LMI Network support
  • Aircraft Recovery

Technical Ramp Handling

  • Providing potable water, toilet servicing,
  • marshalling, pushback, towing and ground support equipment

Routine Services

Non-Routine Services

  • Maintenance of aircraft up to 'A' checks
  • Maintenance of in-flight entertainment systems
  • Cabin repairs and maintenance
  • Toilet and galley waste lines cleaning
  • Aircraft interior cleaning (cabin, cockpit and carpet deep cleaning)
  • Pest control and cabin disinsection (Approved by Australian AQIS and New Zealand MAF Quarantine Services)

Additional Services

  • Thrust Reverser Cowl change
  • Flaps change
  • Engine change
  • Modifications
  • Hydraulic leak rectification
  • Landing Gear change
  • Oleo seal change
  • Cabin disinfection
  • Cockpit disinfection
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Structural Repair
  • Composite Repair
  • Radome Repair
  • Oxygen Bottle Refilling

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