Technical Training

About SIA Engineering Company’s Training Academy

The SIA Engineering Company's (SIAEC) Training Academy provides a robust curriculum of aerospace-related training programs to meet the training needs of its employees and the aerospace industry at large including airlines, maintenance organisations, manufacturers and institutes of higher learning.

To support the growing demand for qualified and skilled technical personnel in the aerospace industry, the Training Academy aims to be a centre of excellence for aerospace training and solutions. Supported by SIAEC's rich heritage and experience as a leader in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), our portfolio of training programs are developed by a team of qualified and experienced instructors. Investing in dedicated training facilities, tools and equipment, as well as the adoption of latest digital technology, learning goes beyond traditional instruction to incorporate immersive and interactive elements for optimal learning outcomes.

The Academy is committed to be a valuable business partner to organisations within the aerospace industry, as well as facilitating the professional growth and development of industry personnel.


Latest Training Calendar

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