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Safran Landing Systems Services Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore

SIA Engineering Company: 40%
Safran Landing Systems: 60%

Messier Services Asia Pte Ltd
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Safran Landing Systems Services Singapore Pte Ltd (SLSSS) is one of the most comprehensive landing gear repair and overhaul facilities in the world. SLSSS houses both the Landing Gear and the Component & Accessory Service Centres. The Landing Gear Service Centre has repair and overhaul capability that covers the entire range of aircraft landing gears, including those of Airbus & Boeing. The Component & Accessory Service Centre covers a full range of repair and overhaul services for a variety of components and accessories.

SLSSS marked the completion of its facility expansion in September 2007. The S$10 million facility expansion provides not only additional capacity for overhauling landing gears on B777, B737NG, A330, A340 and A320 aircraft, but also establishes the infrastructure for the future maintenance and overhaul of the A380, B787 and A350 landing gears. The facility floor space has been increased by 17,000 sq.ft, bringing the total to 130,000 sq.ft. The Machine Shop and the Plating Shop have been expanded. The Landing Gear Shop has also been expanded and reorganized to improve the workflow and to meet the higher volume of work. The Engineering and Materials areas have all been upgraded.

New specialized equipment have been added including a large Tacchi Universal Grinding Machine, a large Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine, a new Plating Line, new Degreasing Equipment, new Plastic Media Blasting Machines and new Hydrogen De-Embrittlement Oven.

With sophisticated engineering workshops, highly skilled technical personnel, an experienced management team and a dedication to total quality, SLSSS has the official endorsement of a large number of international airworthiness authorities.

Mr. Jeffrey Ong
Customer Service Director

21 Loyang Crescent
Singapore 508985

Tel: (65) 6549 9110