Line Maintenance & Technical Handling

A leading provider in line maintenance services at Singapore Changi Airport, we understand the importance of minimal disruptions to flying schedules. Hence, we emphasise quick response time, a strong network and high despatch reliability.

Our extensive line maintenance network covers airports beyond Singapore, which includes Australia, Hong Kong, United States, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam, and our specialised Quick-Action-Team (QAT) is on standby 24/7. In Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) situations, airlines can rely on our QAT to provide swift support through our strong network in the region. Our successful track record of work performed in AOG situations include but not limited to:

  • Engine change
  • Auxiliary Power Unit change
  • Landing Gear change
  • Oleo Seal change
  • Cargo loading system rectification
  • Windshield change
  • Hydraulic leak rectification
  • Structural repair
  • TCAS modification
  • Thrust Reverser Cowl change

With a customer base of more than 50 clients in Singapore and by handling more than 300 flights daily, airlines are assured of on-time delivery with our extensive operational experience.

For details of our Line Maintenance International network station and capability, please refer to our brochure.

Routine Services

Non-Routine Services

  • Maintenance of aircraft up to 'A' checks
  • Maintenance of in-flight entertainment systems
  • Cabin repairs and maintenance
  • Toilet and galley waste lines cleaning
  • Aircraft interior cleaning (cabin, cockpit and carpet deep cleaning)
  • Pest control and cabin disinsection (Approved by Australian AQIS and New Zealand MAF Quarantine Services)
  • Aircraft exterior washing and polishing
  • Components removal and installation
  • Engine washing with OEM washing kits
  • Fleet Introduction and Entry into Service Technical Assistance (FIESTA) (Providing qualified engineers to assist customers in the introduction of new aircraft types into their fleet)
  • Assistance to customers operating ad-hoc charters
  • AOG support