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JAMCO Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore

SIA Engineering Company: 20%
JAMCO Corporation: 75%
Itochu Singapore: 5%

JAMCO Singapore Pte Ltd
Principal Activity:

The facility is located in the Loyang aviation hub, specializing in the business of manufacturing and selling the Aircraft Cabin Equipment and its related materials, components, accessories and spare parts.

Products manufactured by the company include galley complexes, closets, cabin partitions.

Linked to JAMCO Corporation, a renowned aircraft interior design and manufacturing company, JAMCO SINGAPORE has the expertise to service a wide spectrum of airline customers and MRO companies on a wide range of cabin-related work.


Mr Eddie Hiroshi Uchijo

Mr Motonori Kikuchi
General Manager

8 Loyang Lane,
Singapore 508915

Tel: (65) 6417-0560
Fax: (65) 6542-0248